Skin Sabotage, things you do that you really shouldn’t

Flawless glowing skin, is that really too much to ask? We’re inundated with lotions and potions for this and that, and dos and don’ts to achieve that soft ethereal youthful look. But for all your good intentions ladies there are things you do to your skin that you really shouldn’t! Here’s a look at some of the most awful things you can do to your skin, while thinking it’s harmless. Guaranteed you do most of them too!

1: Exfoliating too often.

Surely exfoliation is the holy grail of glowing skin, right? Wrong. Ok, skin with dirt and bacteria looks less than desirable but scrubbing away at your skin like it’s the inside of a well used oven is not the answer. Do it too often and you’ll injure your skin, leading to dryness & inflammation. You’ll also destroy healthy cells & promote skin hyperpigmentation while stripping away natural oils. Once to twice a week is plenty, especially for your face.

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2: Slathering on the eye cream.

In every advertisement you’ll see for eye creams, you’ll see a model with a yoghurt like concoction under each eye, so you’d be forgiven for thinking that this is how you’re supposed to do it. We are under the illusion that thicker means it’s more effective. The reality of it is that many of these heavy eye creams contain oils and these are not easily absorbed by the delicate skin in the eye area. So because it’s sitting on top of the skin it’s also giving a false sense of hydration. What you’re feeling is grease, not moisture. As a rule, a good eye cream feels more like a serum. The more you know!


3: Washing your face in the morning.

Cleansing your face may seem like a great way to start your day, but while you’re sleeping your skin regenerates, re-establishing it’s PH levels and increasing collagen production. Why would you want to wash away all this hard work? Just a quick rinse with water in the shower and moisturise and you’re good to go!

Washing face

4: Hot showers.

It’s so tempting at the end of a long day to be hypnotized by a hot shower. But getting right in and allowing the hot water to beat down on your face is one habit that you need to break. Hot water strips your skin of it’s moisture leaving you with overwhelming dryness. If you have oily skin this dryness promotes further oil production. You should only use lukewarm water to allow your skin to retain it’s natural oils and maintain a healthy balance.


5: Body Lotion

Convenience is surely the enabler of a lot of your bad habits. Body lotion is no exception. Applying body lotion to your face does not promote healthy facial care. They are designed with the body in mind, which tends to have much thicker skin than your face. How many times have you stood there with extra body lotion on your hands and just quickly rubbed it into your face? Yep, guilty. Your face needs gentleness, it’s sensitive so make sure you treat it accordingly.


Whoopsies, who would’ve thought those kinds of things were doing more harm than good? You may remember from our posts on our at home micro needler and collagen face masks that your skin deserves the best you can possibly give it.

Forget everything you think you know about skincare, and give yourself the gift of gold. Your skin will thank you for it!



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